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Couple Tshirt
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Raglan Full Sleeve
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Raglan Half
Raglan Half
Raglan Half
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Showroom : 45, Shimanto Shombher Shopping Complex, Near BDR Gate Pilkhana, Jigatola. 1209 , Dhaka
Hotline : 09612 556 661
Phone: +880 01616 156 661

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RAINDROPSSTORE.COM A SMILEY JOURNEY OF ONLINE T-SHIRTS SHOPPING EXPERIENCE is an online shopping ( T-Shirts ) destination with the utmost respect to human’s satisfaction. In order to do that, Raindrops connects to people’s heart. Raindrops gives the best effort to listen to your inner message. The message that represents the beauty of the people of Bangladesh and the great individual attitude you are belong to. Raindrops tries to manufacture its own products and taking no help from any sort of middleman so that you can have the best deal. This direct communication system can help us to ensure the premium quality for you with affordable prices.We also believe the world is ours and the responsibility is also ours. Raindrops is trying to be the change and the role model of online shopping experience in Bangladesh.


Can you recall the time, when all family members went for shopping together, mostly before any occasion? It was beautiful experience, isn’t it? But the time has changed; the era we are living is the era of technology. The world has already adopted the door to door delivery services including Bangladesh. But we also recognize the fact that shopping should be fun. We don’t want to be a robot. This is why Raindrops always gives it’s honest effort when communicate with people. We listen the entire query you have in order to give you the clean and sweet experience of shopping. Your comfort matters the most to us.

Whenever we hear the word “shopping”, a subtle excitement takes place in our mind. Raindrops always admire this excitement. Raindrops tries to give you the outfit which will represent your attitude, as well as you will find the very basic clothing (T-shirts) for both men and women. Now, here comes the interesting part! Who doesn’t like offers? We all do, right? That’s why Raindrops tries to maintain attractive offers over the year, even in your basic outfits. Raindrops gives you the most exciting offer without compromising the quality or services. We believe in people’s trust and love.


Matching outfits are always fun.The smile you will have when you and your love will wear the matching t-shirt together is priceless.This is the reason Raindrops started an initiative to give you “couple t-shirt”. Undoubtedly one of the most sweetest thing Raindrops ever experienced is that smile which we get from couples. Wearing same attitude is a next level expression of love and we respect that.


In order to give you the best use of your precious time and hard earned money, Raindrops always takes the easiest way of shopping. We believe in one to one communication. Go to, choose your favorite outfit with the size that matches you and let us know. Raindrops will take care of the rest. To give you a good shopping experience, we have easy payment methods of mobile banking, card payment system and“Cash on Delivery (COD)” policy as well.Raindrops even acknowledges that you might want to change your product, this is why we also have very friendly “7 days”return policy. A comprehensive size guide and detailed product descriptions will give you all the information you need to know so that you can always shop without any confusion. And we ship from Teknaf to Tetulia. Wherever you are in Bangladesh you are always welcome to Raindrops.

Raindrops has a fresh new concept of giving you many choices. We don’t want to make you feel boring with same outfit. Every month we upgrade our showcase. We also respect your basic choices. That is why we keep our basic t-shirts in the case as well. You will always find interesting offer in the very beginning of every month. So, let’s grab the best choice for you.


Stay Young! Raindrops always has plan for the young mind. You will find a huge diversity of sizes and choices. We have all the required size. We give extra care to make good fit for every measurement out there. We respect every single appearance. Men and Women t-shirts, t-shirts for couple, joggers, sliders, hoodies, bombers and what not. You will find all these things under one shade. You can always talk to us. If you have any queries our team will always be there for you. Raindrops never compromise with good communication.


In one simple sentence our motto is to smile together. If you are satisfied with the shopping experience then automatically Raindrops will be happy too. As we have mentioned earlier, we never compromise with quality and services. Do you know why? Cause passion gave birth of Raindrops. We love what we do.

It is the attitude you will be wearing not just a piece of cloth. We always listen to your feedbacks. It is not possible to grow alone and we acknowledge that. Team Raindrops respects your constructive feedbacks and works on that. The people behind Raindrops are a family. Raindrops is the result of that love we share everyday in the house. We believe nothing can be significant without love. And we guarantee that, a whole family is working hard day to day make you smile tomorrow. End of the day, your love, trust and respect that’s all matters the most. Remember, your satisfaction is the existence of Raindrops.