Thank you for your help in expanding and enriching the Raindrops community.

“Raindrops Referral” is an award-based program for customers. Customers will share with their relatives and loved ones, and if someone else successfully orders for the first time from the shared link, both the referrer and the person ordering will receive a certain number of Raindrops points.

Please read the terms and conditions before participating in the referral program. Then register with your name and email address in the form below. This will generate a unique link in your own name that you will share.

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• Anyone taking part in various referrals has to register with the name and email address in the form below. This will generate a unique link in his own name.

• He can share this link with others in any way through Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Email etc. Both the referrer and the person making the order will get points if someone completes the order for the first time from the shared link.

• The person ordering from the link shared by the referrer must be the first time ordering in Raindrops and sign up.

• This means that only a new user who has never purchased from Raindrops before from the shared link will get points by referring and ordering for the first time by signing up in Raindrops.

• Ordering an old order from the Referrer’s Referral Link will not be considered eligible for Referral Points. Older orders can only refer.

• After purchasing from the referral link of the referrer, whether the referrer is fake and whether he is eligible for points will be reviewed and within 24-48 hours the referrer will get 1500 points.

• If the order is placed within 24-48 hours after the review and the order is shipped to his / her address, he / she will get extra points on the ordered amount and 1000 points for purchasing from the referral link.

• How many points will the referrer and the order get:

Serial Number Referee Order
1 Refer and share his unique link By clicking on the link, any new user will sign up and order for the 1st time
2 Referrer gets 1500 points (per new user order) Orderer has to order at least a new order, it can be any amount. If he or she don’t place any order, he will not be considered for getting referral points
3 Orderer will get 1000 points for the first time signup and extra reward points on the purchase amount.



• The referrer and the order taker must have various types of registered accounts. If not, you have to register. Without registration, no user will be considered eligible for points.

• The automatic system and the reviewer will easily understand if you try to resort to any kind of malpractice or if you try to get points by tricking the referral program. In all these cases, including the cancellation of the account will be canceled if the user already has various balances.

• Failure to accept or return the ordered product from the referral link will result in cancellation of all points / miscellaneous balances earned by both parties (Referee and Order) against that order.

• Referees can never refer themselves. Of course, only new and various users who have never ordered before should be referred.

• You can use your earned points to make payments by transferring them to Raindrops Balance. You can use Raindrops Balance money to buy any product from Raindrops at any time later. However, you will not be able to withdraw your various balances in cash. This balance can only be used to purchase any type of product from Click for details about points.

*** The Terms reserve the right to change the Referee at any time, to cancel the Referral or not, to cancel the Points and Wallet Money or not.

Submit by name and email in the form below. This will generate a unique link for you. Copy and share the link.

Refer Raindropsstore and get 1500 points. As many times as you like.
Share your referral link with loved ones. You will get 1500 points for each new order from the link. Orderer will get 1000 points. Bonus!